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XDating Review | An Alternative Hookup Site has been on the online dating scene for a good while now (since 1999), but we wouldn’t say it’s one of the most reliable.

There’s not a lot of information on the site, so you’re left with a lot of questions, and you can’t get a feel for the brand or the team behind it.

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Order it off Amazon, and you won’t have to pay shipping for it if you have Prime. We’ve reviewed all the components of XDating below, and you’ll also see another choice we think you should look into.We have the opportunity to work with a variety of partners: studios, celebrities, top household brands, and the auto industry.We're at the forefront of digital and social innovation — always creating and growing within the industry.I haven’t owned a car since 2014, the year when my Subaru Legacy died a smoky death on the side of the road.The loss was traumatic, but it only took a month to realize that not owning a vehicle is awesome.Santa Monica, Venice, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Hermosa, Silver Lake, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, or Downtown...


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