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Creationists have shown that the biblical kind is usually larger than the ‘species’ and in many cases even larger than the ’genus’—see my article Ligers and wholphins? Taking this into account would bring the age of the oldest living Bristlecone Pine into the post-Flood era.

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This would mean they pre-dated the Flood which occurred around 4,350 years ago, taking a straightforward approach to Biblical chronology.They come in all shapes and sizes from the smallest saplings up to the colossal redwoods of North America - it could be said that we take them for granted, yet they are vital to teaching us about many aspects of our past. Before then, tree ancestors may have looked slightly tree-like but they were not trees in any proper sense.The dawn of the age of true trees came with the evolution of wood in the late Devonian period. Due to the sweeping and diverse applications of this data, specialists can come from many academic disciplines.There are no degrees in dendrochronology because though it is useful across the board, the method itself is fairly limited.The older parts of the chronology come from dead wood found lying on the ground near the living trees.


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