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But even then, gathering data is no small task.“We’re in these countries where there’s no access to high-speed Internet, and they’re on the computer for three hours to send a really basic file back to the U. Once paper attendance sheets and participation logs and records of service performed both by students in the United States and volunteers working on projects abroad find their way into Excel spreadsheets and into the organization’s database, it takes a full-time employee and the help of outside academics, experts, and analysts from graduate level programs at universities like Brandeis and support from places like General Electric to analyze and draw meaningful conclusions from all the information captured. “Data collection and evaluation in my view is critical, not just because donors want to see it but because you can’t go in and improve your programs without the strengths and weaknesses.”Easing the burden on nonprofits of collecting and interpreting data was part of Black’s aim from the start, when she set out to find a new way to assess her foundation’s donations as strategically as possible in the hopes of maximizing impact in and around Erie.

It’s become increasingly obvious over the past few years that the Orthodox Church has been driving Russia towards a virulent form of Christian fundamentalism.

Now it even has a presence in the lower house of the Russian Parliament – the Duma – in the form of the Commission for the Protection of Christian Values that […] The Freethinker interviews Maryam Namazi and Marieme Helie Lucas ahead of the International Conference on Freedom of Conscience and Expression in the 21 Century scheduled to take place in London between July 22 and 24, 2017.

Resourcefulness and creativity are encouraged; as you will be challenged daily and must be able to think outside the box!

We believe in working smart, playing hard, and enjoying the sort of creativity that only comes about when talented people. Compatible with all mobile phones, you can search and chat with other members in real-time based on where you are.


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