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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on Congress to authorize a new military action against ISIS in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations Thursday. When the United States was hit on 9/11, our allies treated that attack against one as an attack against all. The world's great democracies can't sacrifice our values or turn our backs on those in need. Beyond Paris in recent days, we've seen deadly terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey, and a Russian civilian airline destroyed over the Sinai. And thanks for the great work that the council does under your leadership. Fareed, I look forward to having the conversation with you, everyone here at the council, and Mr. Thank you very much for being here and for everything you are doing and will do to keep our city safe and strong. I wanted to come here to our city, which has shown such resilience in the face of terrorism, to talk about the events of the past week, and the work we must do together to protect our country and our friends. After a major terrorist attack, every society faces a choice between fear and resolve. Now, let's be clear about what we're facing.

They persecute religious and ethnic minorities; kidnap and behead civilians; murder children.We have to target and defeat all three, and time is of the essence.ISIS is demonstrating new ambition, reach and capabilities. My name is Libby, and I started studying tarot seventeen years ago, while I was a teenager growing up near the beach in central New Jersey and ever since then, have read for people all over the world. Free will is something we should all use, and during my sessions, it is my goal to help guide you to be your most empowered self and to keep your energy focused on what will bring about the most positive outcome. Refer to the dice code documentation for more info.


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