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And certainly, not all qualify as “business ideas,” but each has the potential to earn you money in your spare time. I’m certain a decent chunk of the population is with me on this one and would be willing to pay to make that problem go away. If you prefer to download a PDF version of this post to read later, click the button below: Click here to download a free PDF version of this post 1. Refer website visitors to buy products online and earn a small commission on each sale. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, check out Shawn Collins’ . With a little bit of traction, you could even cover your entire rent or mortgage by hosting guests on Airbnb. My friend Jasper travels the world while renting out his Amsterdam apartment. Free marketing tip: Post flyers at the gym or other places where people may have lost a lot of weight and need their clothes altered. Similarly, an app developer gets paid whether or not the app goes on to become a hit. Maybe you could provide cake, cookies, or cupcakes to some corporate event in town. You may need a graduate degree for this one, but it can be a fun way to share your knowledge with the next generation of students and earn some good money on the side — especially if you can teach online or with pre-recorded lectures. You can earn money in your spare time completing real-world tasks on their unique platform. Could you start a small newspaper for your neighborhood? Kai Davis and I discuss this idea (among others) in Episode 4 of The Side Hustle Show.

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Crush video of a woman with fat feet crushing inanimate objects.Because the other electives are closed, he finds himself with a large class of seeming gang-bangers, and the principal informs him that drama will be cut next trimester. What made this so funny was its satire of traditional dramatic elements in movies (Stand and Deliver, etc), as well as its blatant parody of the quickly burned out "Indie Darling" comedies like "Little Miss Sunshine" et al.On the advice of a student reviewer, Dana decides to stage his own play, a sequel to "Hamlet" in which the prince and Jesus, with the use of a time machine, try to save Gertrude and Ophelia. Sure, the finale's song wasn't the best of the lot (although I still find myself singing it over a week later!) but the rest of the gags and songs (especially the "Face" song! It was refreshing to see a screwball comedy that doesn't rely on toilet humor or "realistic" scenarios to drive a joke home.This was just pure silly fun, ans Coogan can pull that off with the best of them, if not better. If you wish to know me better just enter my LIVE hot webcam video chat and join me..


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