Relative and absolute dating venn diagram

The three gods, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva are but His three highest functional aspects, endowed with the responsibilities of creation, preservation and destruction.Nature or Prakriti is His dynamic energy and primal matter, in which He becomes involved partially to manifest all the beings and objects of His creation.When it comes to making decisions in our lives, we think we're in control. Blending everyday experience with groundbreaking research, Ariely explains how expectations, emotions, social norms, and other invisible, seemingly illogical forces skew our reasoning abilities.

While 'conservativism' combines the tenets of 'classical liberalism' (at least when it comes to the economy) and 'anglosphere conservatism'.While their theorists are almost exclusively European, the ideologies themselves are near-universally applicable and are known worldwide.None of these ideas is more than 300 years old, and their heyday seems to have been the 19th20th centuries (when they began to displace religion as something people found meaning and worth in).Now, let’s remember that Christianity is the world’s larger religion, while Hinduism is number 3.The main difference between these 2 religions is that Christianity recognizes one omnipotent God in three persons, while Hinduism has in its roots thousands of gods and believing that all of them are a manifestation of one god and one omnipotent power.Hinduism believes in the existence of Brahman, the supreme Lord of the visible and invisible universe, who is eternal, stable, unchanging, indestructible, unborn, blissful, and who goes by many other names such as Brahma, Vishnu and Siva.


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