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Miguel Cabrer from Medical Exchange Medting will discuss about the potential to strengthen clinical decision making in oncology through social networking and collaboration. Pricing: for vendors / non HIMSS Members €49 for vendors / HIMSS Members €39 Complimentary for hospital staff, healthcare delivery organization or governmental healthcare department!Payment: The wire transfer payment option and sending the payment by Monday 6th February to: Bank Account Name: HIMSS Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank (UK) Account Number: 32286301 Sort Code: 609242 SWIFT Code: CHASGB2L IBAN #: GB22CHAS60924232286301 Reference: Webinar 7 Feb; first and last name Vendor registrations will be held as pending until the wire transfer is received.It will be focused on the way that they have implemented technological strategies for medication error prevention to increase safety in the chemotherapy process within Onkologikoa, an oncology hospital, in San Sebastian, Spain.In particular, they will show the paperless process they have in place for chemotherapy patients, an initial CDSS for selecting the appropriate chemotherapy treatment and several aspects they are working on in different R&D projects.Inutile de lire des centaines de livre sur la méditation, sur le boudhisme, le zen ou les autres disciplines connexes pour commencer.

Step 1: Regress the mediator on the independent variable to confirm that the independent variable is a significant predictor of the mediator.

Utiliser sa force mentale pour trouver la paix est plus simple qu’on ne le croit.

Petit précis en sept étapes à l’usage de ceux qui veulent apprendre comment pratiquer la méditation au quotidien. On peut méditer le matin pour commencer la journée dans de meilleures dispositions ; le soir pour se débarrasser des tensions accumulées ; ou à midi pour recharger ses batteries à mi-parcours.

Notre test ci-dessous vous aidera à savoir laquelle.

Si vous commencez par une technique de méditation, la méditation zen par exemple, il vous sera ensuite facile de changer pour une autre si vous vous apercevez que la méditation transcendantale vous correspond d'avantage.


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