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Some of these agency sites are even free to use, or at least browse.

There are different types of Jewish dating sites on line.

His analysis predicted a pattern of "positive assortative matching," where men and women of similar desirability would partner with one another.

While models of dating have proliferated in the years since Becker's pioneering work, we have not progressed very much in testing his theories, or even answering the most basic dating question, for Becker or anyone else: What, exactly, makes someone desirable?

Everyone is rightfully joyful re: the Monday reopening of a fabulously refurbished Government Center T station in the heart of downtown Boston. What about those other transportation milestones the region could desperately use?

Here are five: The Red Line Farther Out Than Alewife Back in the 1980s, it was assumed that the Red Line would keep going after Alewife, perhaps as far out as Route 128.

When economists began broadly applying their theories of rational choice-making, love and marriage were among the first areas they colonized.

Nobel Prize winner Gary Becker laid the foundations back in 1973 with his two-part article "A Theory of Marriage." Becker imagined society as an immense cocktail party with rational-minded daters searching for the most desirable partner who would have them.

__ A Connection Between South Station and North Station Why has this not happened?

So while, for better or for worse, most everybody has tried an online dating app at this point, I think they would tell you, in the 18- to 35-year-old age range.

And now what I'm seeing is a new wave of kind of second-round daters joining.

Two of New England's busiest stations remain frustratingly separated in any direct sense.

Connecting North and South stations would not only link up every T line save the Blue, but would ease connections for commuter-rail and Amtrak riders.


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