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If you read our 4 Sexiest Holiday Movies article, you know that chilling at home with your partner doesn’t have to mean cheesy sitcom reruns or bad reality TV.

The key is to let your lover pick their favorite sexy flick then cuddle up under the covers for an evening of no-cost romantic cinema. Sledding at the Park - Unleash your inner child and go for a snowy slide down the hill at your neighborhood sledding spot.

It encourages lots of “hold on tight” moments, releases endorphins on the way down, laughter on the way up and some romantic, well-deserved hot chocolate back at your place to warm up afterward. Good for One Free ___ Voucher - Here’s where you get to express your romantic, giving side without dropping a dime!

Design and slip your significant other a cleverly-worded coupon that they can cash in for the type of spoils you normally only offer as foreplay.

We also keep chocolate-covered strawberries, a bottle of our favorite wine and a basket of massage oils nearby.

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This is especially true if both of you are busy with work, mortgages, chores, kids, and life in general.

Make it all about them—without expressing any expectation for a return—and you may just be rewarded with the hottest thank you imaginable. Throwback Party for Two - Whether your idea of retro night includes Pac Man and Prince albums or Nintendo and N’Sync, nothing warms the heart like a walk down memory lane.

Download your favorite i Pad arcade app, bust out the mixtape that you rocked when you were trying so hard to express your feelings with Robert Smith lyrics, and top it off with a You Tube marathon of your favorite nostalgic flicks from when you [thought you] were cooler.

If you’re stuck, here are some interesting ways that you can spice up date night. Why not indulge in adult play time and try to pick each other up?

Head over to a bar separately, and pretend like you’re meeting each other for the first time.


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