Gmail not updating on iphone

The release notes said it had something to do with Exchange but I didn't read closely because technically, I don't use Exchange and I figured it didn't apply to me. Also, can you force a sync (pull down to refresh), or will it not sync either way? The 6.1.2 release note said it was fixing an Exchange bug that burned data on Verizon phones, IIRC.I had already tried adding/deleting the two email accounts. ) so it was relatively painless, but no luck solving the problem. Only force quitting the email app and restarting it causes the sync to take place. What about setting them up as actual Gmail accounts for now? Unfortunately, you do lose push (which is a really nice feature as you know).It seems like for every bug they fix, they introduce two or three new ones. If they know something about Gmail that you don't know, their advantage will be short-lived, because here are the 50 Gmail tips and techniques most frequently requested.My Exchange style accounts still work, but it's entirely possible this is indicative of a 6.1.2 bug. executing a pull-down refresh does trigger a proper sync.I guess the lesson learned in all of this is that these i OS updates shouldn't be installed unless they address a very specific problem that I'm facing.The Gmail application is free, requires i OS 8 or newer, and is a 197 MB download.Tackling Gmail problems on the i Pad does not require a wealth of technical knowledge but does need a methodical approach to get the service back up and running.

Other aspects of the mail app have been improved, leading to faster app utility overall, as well as faster scrolling, and much faster notification from Gmail than before.On the i OS devices, both of the accounts are setup as Exchange accounts with Push delivery.I read that this is the recommended way to setup i OS with GMail and everything has been working flawlessly with this configuration for years.This process wipes all of the temporary data stored by the Gmail app (which may have become corrupted) and enables you to start the login process from scratch.Double-check you are using the correct username and password for your Gmail account.Email clients include smartphones and, less strictly, IMAP personal computer mail applications.


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