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I see people in two physical offices, one in the Glebe near Broadway Shopping Centre (close to the Sydney CBD) and one in Bondi Junction.

If you use a wheelchair or have limited mobility, then I can arrange a mobility accessible location that meets your needs.

This process is as an educational tool required by the University to maintain a safe environment and instill individual responsibility.

In addition to the Student Handbook, the Academic Catalog and University website can be used as valuable resources to guide you through your Benedictine experience.

"Bl iz brown hair md build", sorry if I sound thing but what does this mean???? There were claims of non payment, being contacted outside of agreed hours to return messages etc.

I didn't go any further than the first page of google results though.

Good luck if you choose to go ahead with it - let us know how you get on.

As a polycultural psychotherapist, I can also use techniques and methods that were designed by and for people from cultures and faith/belief systems from around the world, in order to provide a culturally safe and culturally appropriate match for you.

The Benedictine University Student Handbook covers community-wide and individual student expectations and responsibilities.

Failure to abide by these responsibilities and any University policies and procedures will be resolved through the Student Life Conduct Process.

The University reserves the right to amend this handbook at any time.

Amendments to policies and procedures are to take effect when announced.


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