Emily haines and jimmy shaw dating

For starters, it was born during the band's scheduled year off, when frontwoman Emily Haines retreated to Nicaragua and found herself writing on acoustic guitar while guitarist-producer Jimmy Shaw became obsessed with his CS80 synth back home in Toronto.When it came time to start turning these explorations into an album, they turned to the band's go-to mixer, Grammy-nominated John O' Mahony, to co-produce alongside Shaw.

“That’s my man,” she said, sighing and gazing at him wistfully. ” "The signature Metric idea is that the sweet spot in music and in life comes from luxuriating in the battle and then celebrating fiercely when you win." We were all tucked away downstairs at New York’s favorite exclusive rock bar, The Cabin, attending the listening session for the Canadian band’s new album, .They have been giving interviews for days and look exhausted, but also resolute, ready to give of themselves again.Before I ask a single question, I tell them a story. It would not completely implode for nearly another year, but the plastic explosives were being coolly, methodically placed at all the weak points. The only things he didn't hate were Metric, and me. Six LPs into an inspiring career that's seen them collaborate with legends like Lou Reed, perform with the Rolling Stones, entertain the Queen of England, become the first band in history to score their first Top 20 commercial radio hit in the U. without the backing of an outside label, win a plethora of awards including Junos for Album of the Year and Artist of the Year, pen the theme song for Twilight: Eclipse with Howard Shore (for which the music garnered nominations for both an Oscar and a Grammy), release an interactive app directly to fans, and set up an esoteric toll-free number for their dedicated listeners to navigate the past and future of their music, Metric have their creative process on lock.But nothing about Pagans in Vegas, set for release in September 2015, came together like any other Metric record.Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw sits sipping some mineral water, a fedora perched on his head; vocalist and synth player Emily Haines folds herself neatly into a nearby chair.


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