Dating for 5 years not married greg bryk dating

Perhaps, if cracks truly are appearing in Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's marriage as reported in this paper last week, it has something to do with the fact the couple procrastinated for years before tying the knot?Of course, if ever a couple had reasons to delay marriage, they did.I don’t think she wants to break up with him because she says he is a good guy.My opinion is that she needs to move on because her needs are not being met in that relationship.The game is over, so give it up and propose or set her free, so she can find someone that will value her.I have been dating my guy for 10 1/2 years but we still are not married.It does not take 10 years to know if you want to marry a person.If you don’t know within the first year, the chances are, this person is not right for you.

Good on her for waking up to the fact that you could be with her out of convenience.

If you want to be with this woman, then her wanting a commitment shouldn't be a problem right?

She has every right to expect a commitment from want to keep your options open in the hopes something better comes along.using your gf and let her go so she can find a guy that does love and respect her and will want to share the rest of his life with only her.

She said she was in her late thirties and had been dating a guy for more than 6 years.he has not proposed to her yet.

He had various reasons for not proposing: needs to get himself together financially, wants to go back to school and make advancements in his career, etc…


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