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The Down Survey of Ireland Taken in the years 1656-1658, the Down Survey of Ireland is the first ever detailed land survey on a national scale anywhere in the world.In addition to other material this website comprises digital images of all the surviving Down Survey maps at parish, barony and county level.Ptolemy’s However, Martellus revised the Ptolemaic world map based on Marco Polo’s information on Asia, and he incorporated the recent Portuguese voyages to Africa. Kimble demonstrated that, as far as 13° South, the nomenclature of West African coasts is 80% identical in the two maps but bears no relation to the nomenclature of any other map of the period.

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For instance, in 1898, Messrs Bartholomew of Edinburgh stole a march on its many competitors by partnering with the most powerful road interest of the day: the Cyclists’ Touring Club.

In return for on-the-ground knowledge from CTC’s 60,500 members, CTC was provided with discounted maps.

Martellus’s world delineation, drawn in Florence and circulated by an engraved version prepared by Francesco Rosselli, helped to change the face of the world. Ptolemy’s geographical writings, largely unknown to Western Europeans during the earlier Christian Middle Ages in Europe, became the basis for the Renaissance in geography.

The Martellus delineation included some Ptolemaic dogma in its continental contours and projection but significantly modified and improved upon the ancient model with regards to its contents.


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