Cyber chat bot

Malicious bots are typically blended threats that come as part virus/worm, part bot and are used in a identity theft or to launch denial of service attacks.This is especially prevalent in a botnet, which is a grouping of computers that are all infected with a malicious bot. Your bot subscription will normally start within 24-36 hours. Showcase edition is the most-awarded chat bot in the world, and a three-time winner of the prestigious Loebner Prize! Artemis also has the ability to launch investigations against all data collected from monitored endpoints, and deliver a simplified user experience through a conversational interface, allowing analysts to achieve results in fewer actions.

Security teams, especially those that lack sufficient resources, will now have the analytic depth required to find malicious activity across all enterprise endpoints and eliminate threats in time to stop damage and loss." More details can be found on the Endgame website and it Artemis will be on display on the company’s stand at the RSA Conference in San Francisco next month.Let’s take a look at some of the cybersecurity measures that every business should be taking in 2017.Businesses are worried about ransomware – and rightfully so.Called Artemis, the software uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques that enable it to anticipate priorities for security teams and detect patterns in malicious behavior before the analyst knows to look for it.The company describes it as 'Siri for Security' and it can help inexperienced analysts craft query programs to sift through endpoint data without returning extraneous information.An Internet bot, in its most generic sense, is software that performs an automated task over the Internet.


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