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The series identifies these various episodes by two letter code in their titles as being "Stand Alone" or "Complex" in season 1 and "Individual", "Dividual", or "Dual" in 2nd GIG. Due to providing funding for the series, [adult swim] holds permanent broadcasting rights.The Discovery group at Ogilvy & Mather embarked on an ambitious project that explored all these vital dimensions.It was also an exercise in anticipation – where will technology take us in the near future?The first season's "Complex" story arc focuses on the Laughing Man incident, a highly publicized kidnapping by a master hacker who can hack cyberbrains in real time, and a government coverup that led to the original event. It currently airs at the end of the Toonami block on Saturdays, and is part of their "Regular Rotation" of shows they permanently own the airing rights to, On September 19th, 2016, Kenji Kamiyama teased a third season or other new installment of the series on his twitter.The second season's "Individual" story arc focuses on a terrorist cell known as the Individual Eleven, led by the mysterious Hideo Kuze, as well as a "Dual" story arc that focuses on Section 9's conflict with Kazundo Gouda's Cabinet Intelligence Service. We will close Thinkfree Online at the end of April, and will get back to you with new service later this year.


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