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Prince wrote his first song at the age of 7, and it was called “Funk Machine.” 2. “My stepdad put me on stage with him and I danced a bit until the bodyguard took me off,” Prince told MTV in 1985. It was heavily bootlegged, and eventually released commercially in 1994. Prince hid a message in the video for “Alphabet Street” that appears on the screen for split second before the first chorus: “Don’t buy the Black Album. — in this amazing footagefrom a show at the Beverly Theatre in Los Angeles in 1983. He used the persona on the single “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” and achieved the effect by slowing down the tape as he sang in his normal register, and then speeding the tape up in playback. He reportedly recorded an entire album as Camille, but eventually scrapped italong with plans to film a movie about the character in which he’d play himself as well as appear in drag as Camille. His half-sister Lorna Nelson sued him in 1989 claiming that she wrote the lyrics for “U Got the Look,” but after a court battle, a judge sided with Prince. Prince insisted that The Black Album, his heavy funk follow-up to Sign O the Times, be recalled and canceled a week before its release date in 1987 because he reportedly became convinced that the record was a work of the devil. He canceled a Japanese tour to get to work on the material in an attempt to impress her. Shortly after the soundtrack was released, he produced an album called A Hollywood Affair featuring Basinger, but the record was scrapped, mainly because she wasn’t a very good singer. The song “Just a Friend,” won the no.1 spot in almost all music lists and had sold more than 700 thousand copies of his first album.Besides, he was also the show opener of the Scream Tour 3, which made his publicity even larger.With his Twitter already flooding with followers, he then decided to set a foot in acting, and first played in Step Up (2006).

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Mario Dewar Barrett, better known as Mario is an American Hip-Hop singer/song-writer, record producer, dancer, actor and a model as well.

He had been dating Sherri Shepherd, as they were spotted together many times and said to be having a secret affair. We can’t confirm the status of their relationship today.

He has dated many sexy and hot models in the industry.

“I didn’t have any money, so I’d just stand outside Mc Donald’s and smell stuff,” he told Rolling Stone in 1985. He rejected a deal with CBS when he was 19 because they insisted that Verdine White from Earth, Wind, and Fire produce his first three albums. Many of the songs were included on his next album, Sign O the Times, but other tracks either turned up on on future albums like Crystal Ball or were left to circulate as bootleg recordings. Prince developed a female alter ego known as Camille while working on Sign O the Times. Tim Burton had originally planned for the Batman soundtrack to be split between Prince and Michael Jackson, with the former providing funk tracks and the latter singing ballads. Prince ended up recording an entire album’s worth of material after meeting and falling for lead actress Kim Basinger.

His first band when he was a young teenager was called Grand Central. “And the office took it as mail from the lunatic fringe and just tossed it! He was once so poor that he’d just smell food instead of eating it. The only member of the band who is actually on the record is singer Morris Day, who was forced to closely mimic Prince’s delivery and is often overshadowed by his backing vocals. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the production duo behind many of Janet Jackson’s biggest singles in the ’80s as well as hits by Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Human League, and George Michael, started out as members of The Time, butwere fired by Prince. When he made his first appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1981, he sang, “Fightin’ war is a such a fucking bore,” but it wasn’t noticed in the moment and was aired without any censoring. He made Larry Williams, the guy hired to direct “When Doves Cry,” sit outside with a stack of magazines while that video was made. According to Purple Rain director Albert Magnoli, one of Prince’s favorite meals at the time the film was being made was spaghetti and orange juice. The actual First Avenue club in Minneapolis has a small backstage area, so many of the scenes that took place backstage at the venue in Purple Rain had to be shot elsewhere. Prince made his Purple Rain co-star and musical protégé Apollonia keep her marriage secret so the public could assume that she was actually in a romantic relationship with him. Pat Smear from Nirvana and The Foo Fighters was an extra in the video for “Raspberry Beret.” He was originally turned down when he auditioned, but Prince insisted that he be in the video because he liked his dreadlocks. Prince originally gave “Kiss” to Mazarati, a side project of The Revolution’s Brown Mark and Bobby Z., but took it back after he heard the funky backing track they added to the song. That song has only been heard by Prince’s engineer Susan Rogers and was deleted immediately after it was recorded, but he reportedly recorded another version later on for posterity. Prince spent most of 1986 recording a double album tentatively titled Dream Factory with The Revolution, but ended up breaking up the band and shelving the project.


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