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I’ve never really had a problem with that because, in terms of my own life, because I actually lead a fairly—I won't say Speaking of your conservative personal life: You bought a castle in the Czech Republic? My first book that I published was this book I hear that you have peacocks there.

The château does have a formal garden—there’s about 20 acres.

It has an aristocratic heritage, and having peacocks is something that is often done on aristocratic properties—or was historically done.

About that eccentricity: How much of the public perception of you is true?

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"I can tell people really do wonder with me," he goes on. But somehow it's like that with Glover: You appreciate him best in retrospect, looking back at whatever creature he has created. He very rarely curses, not because he's against cursing but because he tends to abhor slang.

There are certain things that I have not discussed because I know the nature of how media works, and if they are not really discussed in the proper fashion, they would be maligned.

People don’t know the actuality of many things about me.

Today, Glover, 39, is dressed in black lace-up boots, black dress socks, white briefs, black shirt and black Dickies trousers. Up in his bedroom, he walks to a shelf and takes down a papier-mâché volcano with a music box inside and flips open the base to show a quite surreal inner diorama. This is the lava flowing out." He winds the box and eventually out comes the note of a song, and then a while later another note arrives, and so forth, glacially, with Glover singing along in similar slow-mo fashion: "I ... He has never smoked pot, because when he was four years old, he saw two kids "talking about marijuana, and they thought they were so cool, and I found it so annoying that I vowed I'd never smoke it." Et cetera, ad infnitum.

is an American actor, filmmaker, musician and comedian.


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