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It's set in a tiny village in Lebanon, where Christians and Muslims have lived peacefully side-by-side for generations.

C de Villiers sports grounds and hi performance centre and 400m to the Prospect street gate or Tuks Sport gate.

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The house is very well kept and all amenities are cleaned daily.The Jakaranda lodge and jacaranda lined streets East of Duncan Street are home to a number of backpackers lodges, Guest Houses and Group Accommodation.Khayalethu group accommodation in the Old East has Wonderboom to the North of it and Centurion to the South.C de Villiers Sports Grounds, Rautenbach Hall, Hillcrest Muncipal Swimming pool and Hatfield Gautrain Station.Khayalethu Group Accommodation is aimed at the youth travel market and can provide Sports Accommodation to visiting teams, international exchange students, Visiting University and school Groups, Choir and Church groups and The American Peace Corps.The Residence is a historic, listed building in attractive grounds.


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