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Xmplify XML Editor is a 64-bit native Mac app built from the ground up for Mac OS X, and provides a number of powerful features to make working with and manipulating XML simple and intuitive: Xmplify analyses your XML as you type, and maintains a rich set of meta-data so it can provide intelligent editing aids and suggestions according to your document's content and the current editing context.Xmplify provides an Outline view of your document that shows its structure, and automatically keeps the Outline up to date to reflect the latest edits.This makes it easy to import/export data from other data sources such as Excel and SQL Server.The text and tabular views can also be seem side by side in a split view making it easy to see the impact of changes made in the graphical view.The XML document can also be viewed and edited in a grid/tabular view.Each element within the document can be pivoted allowing its children to appear as columns within a table.The XML Grid Editor allows you to create and edit your XML data in the form of a tree or table.The standard tree based paradigm is often very limiting when editing repeated sets of data (i.e. The Table paradigm makes the data more accessible, presenting it more like a spread sheet, making it easy to view and view.

A rich text based editor provides syntax highlighting, well-formed validation, schema aware validation, auto complete/intellisense via XML Schemas, go to XSD definition, and much more.Cooktop doesn't have a registration form and doesn't send any data back to a central server. All future communication to a central server, if any, will be done only for product upgrades and will not send personally identifiable information to the server. If your document specifies a DTD or XML Schema, Xmplify automatically uses that to verify your document's content.The verification results are automatically kept up to date as your edit your document.We have compiled the list of advanced XML editor that have the solution in the shape of XML Editor, XML Author, XML Web Author, XML Developer and Web Help.


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