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No trains appear in the search results or only 1 or 2 trains at odd times of day. "The travel solution has at least a segment not purchasable." Reason: All or part of your journey is on a regional train.Reason: Data isn't fully loaded yet for that date, either because you're looking at a date more than 120 days ahead, or at a date after the twice-annual timetable change, on the 2nd Sunday in June and the 2nd Sunday in December, when they are always late loading the data and the 120 days often slips to 60 day or even less. Tickets for regional trains can only be bought 7 days or less ahead, and fares only show up for dates in the next 7 days.Reason: Part of the journey is on a Regional train.Solution: Either just book the high-speed part of the journey and leave the regional ticket until you get to Italy, or simply try as it doesn't have this problem.If this does happen, the official on the gate line can read the front of the ticket and let you out manually. But if you mean placing them on the yellow circle, that's for plastic 'Oyster' passes or contactless debit/credit cards, used on all public transport in and around London.This system does require you to swipe on entry and exit to the system in order to charge you correctly, even if the barriers are open.On you now need to use the Italian place name, such as 'Roma Termini' for Rome, 'Milano Centrale' for Milan, 'Venezia S. This is just a poor translation, this does in fact mean a 2-bed sleeper! No, you don't need to register, you just need to change the default Registered User to Non Registered User, then you can buy without registering.

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Passes provide access to most rail routes and allow you hassle-free travel since you won’t have to wait in lines at the train station to get tickets.

In some cases, you will still have to make reservations or pay supplements, but many routes allow for unlimited pass use without requiring any extra fees.

There's no check-in, you simply walk straight from the city centre onto the station concourse, glance at the indicator board to find your train & hop on, any time before departure...

uk.(UK residents) (US residents) of Canada, Australia, NZ, Asia, Africa, South America) * = Be careful, I've seen the US Rail Europe charge higher prices than so compare prices before before buying.


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