Updating your database development skills to microsoft sql server 2016

Typically, both should be left enabled for databases.Statistics are automatically updated when certain thresholds within SQL Server are met, i.e., the number of rows in the table increases or decreases by 10% of the number of rows the statistic was based on.

XQuery isn’t allowed by Codd’s rule; it must the same query language that they use to access the database’s data.

We will take a look at how the restore can be accomplished using T-SQL.

RESTORE HEADERONLY To determine what is stored on the backup files you can run this command in Query Analyzer.

on SQL Server 2005, we do a weekly full backup with nightly incremental backups. There is another method, but a little more complex.

I want to know if it is possible to restore a single table from a backup, either to the source database or a different one. If your single table is getting very large, copy it onto a filegroup.


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