Updating xbox dashboard

Routers at the ready: the next major Xbox One dashboard update is on the way, and it's shaping up to be a big one.

We're talking a lot more than skin-deep tweaks: Windows 10 and Cortana are both set to land on consoles this summer, which should be the biggest overhaul since Microsoft unleashed the console back in 2013.

Please see below for an image showing exactly what needs to be reinstalled.Microsoft is planning to update its Xbox One console with a huge new update.The software giant provided an early look at a new dashboard update today, which is said to be "coming soon," and there are a lot of changes.Firstly, Microsoft appears to be moving away from the tiled interface that was introduced with the Xbox One.The new dashboard includes features that focus on speed and performance, and a design that's a lot more simplified.Update on February 15th 2017: The below workaround is no longer necessary, as this issue has been permanently fixed via game update 1.9.1, which was released on February 14th.


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