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So how do you ensure that changing your name with social security is as painless as possible?Before You Do Anything Else You'll need to complete the SS-5 application, which is a form made freely available from the Social Security Administration. See—you can easily drop your form and supporting paperwork (marriage certificate, etc) into an envelope and mail it off.Before you can do much to change your name, you need to get your name changed with the Social Security Administration.That social security card is the key to getting through other name changes (like at the DMV, your bank, etc) smoothly and with as little hassle as possible.Remember, an up to date social security card isn’t just your numerical identity to the Social Security system, it’s also extremely important for a variety of critical exchanges.Still, it’s a process that does take time so don’t wait until the last minute to make the social security card name change!

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When not pretending to enjoy watching middle school soccer games, she writes, blogs, and edits.Prior to changing your name on your Social Security card, you must first file all the appropriate paperwork to change your name at the state level.Once your birth certificate reflects your new name, you may then contact the Social Security Administration and proceed with having it placed on your Social Security card. Your new birth certificate must be certified by the issuing state and county.For questions regarding your specific situation, please consult a qualified attorney.Legal Zoom is not a law firm and can only provide self-help services at your specific direction.If you wish to return to your former or maiden name after a divorce, you can request that the judge include a formal in the divorce decree reinstating your former name.


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