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Once the local update is successful, you will have to do it all again, this time online.From the start of the process, your online shop should be disabled (in "maintenance" mode") so as to make sure that your clients will not lose their carts and orders during the update process.If you employ people in one or more affected locations, your handbook should communicate the leave rights that have been conferred upon them.Because many local ordinances contain notice provisions, New Jersey employers should check the local laws for all municipalities in which they operate to determine if any postings are required.The template, licensed to the association via The CA Employers Association, is specific to the state of CA and is available in formats for both small (1-25) and large employers (25 ) Members who purchase the template and maintain their membership are offered a copy of the updated template each year at no additional charge.

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Below are seven key areas to review: New Jersey lawmakers have not yet passed a state-wide sick leave law mandating that private employers provide workers with paid or unpaid sick leave.

To ensure compliance, in addition to posting notice of such requirements, employee handbook whistleblower policies should include the required DTSA notice.

The CSSA offers members a customizable employee handbook for a small one-time fee.

It is likely that many items will need to be edited or removed.” Wilson provides the following tips for creating or updating an employee handbook in 2017: 1.

When an update is available, users with the permission to update Craft will see a badge in the CP header.


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