Updating an old concrete carport double your dating chapter 1

Available in acrylic, epoxy, urethane, polyurea or polyaspartic varieties, these coatings allow for quick application and are highly durable.

Once available almost exclusively for commercial applications, these coatings are now highly sought-after in residential settings as well.

Image courtesy of Concrete Stamped concrete uses patterns that mimic tile, stone, rock, wood and other textured surfaces.

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STEP 1 / RESEARCH / When we first started out on this floor painting journey, we thought we knew what to do: clean the floor and slap a few coats of paint down. That’s when we second guessed ourselves and took a step back.

With concrete dye, it's difficult to achieve the depth of color that acid staining offers, but it's a fairly inexpensive process, and the ease of application can reduce labor costs.

Concrete dye is also able to hide imperfections to some degree.

The reason 1-Part epoxy paint is the better choice has to do with the properties of epoxy itself.

When mixed in with the paint, it will provide for a coating that is more resistant to mold and mildew, chemicals, gasoline stains, oil, scuff marks, and chipping.


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