Tone dating

The source dating code is an element of standardization that is administered by the Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA).

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But then when in a relationship with a sighted person, I would start questioning why I was with this person and why he was with me. And don't cheat by fast forwarding your tape player to the next beep tone and then rewinding a few seconds, for I have some important things to say here. As students, many of you have dated, are dating, or at least would like to date. I'm not going to give you the number one advantage for dating sighted and blind persons, at least not until you hear me out.I don't think I could take a guy seriously if his voice was about 8 octaves higher than mine! There's no point in continuing on with this guy and his girly voice... I knew a woman that had a very conventional voice, but if nobody else was around, or she was really getting into a conversation, it would drop in pitch to the point she sounded like a teenage boy. I dislike my own nasal voice, except for the fact that an ex from my teens constantly went on about how I sounded like the British actress Felicity Kendal, who is completely gorgeous even now in her 60's.Stamped on every potentiometer (volume and tone pots) is a six- or seven-digit source code that tells who made the pot, as well as the week and the year.Am I with him because it's nice to have someone to drive me places when I'm in a hurry or read the paper when Newsline® breaks down?


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