The art of war for dating ted dibiase jr and maryse dating

Play from uphill--always care about the outcome less than them.

Here is my version of Sun Tzu's basic principles, adapted for this site. Befriend their friends, go to where they cannot help but be. Know everything about them but be unknowable to them. Be sometimes subtle, sometimes blunt, always unpredictable. Strike like rocks on eggshells, always strike a weaker power with your strong, content, indifferent power. This is called being unpredictable to increase intensity and this is called making them wait to create anticipation, too. Never work on any less than two women at any one time. Let the place you are in with her intensify her experience of you.

The first annotated English translation was completed and published by Lionel Giles in 1910.

The Art of War is traditionally attributed to a military general from the late 6th century BC known as "Master Sun" (Sunzi or Sun-tzu), though its earliest parts probably date to at least 100 years later.

When it is the perfect time to strike, do not hesitate. Be rested, full, and content when you make them come to you.

Act as if they were already acting the way you want them to act.


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