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T R U E L I E S WRITTEN BY JAMES CAMERON ----------------------- TITLE SEQUENCE 1 EXT. Harry adjusts his bow-tie and strides confidently out of the shadows, crossing quickly to the main house. HARRY'S POV - Through the crowd is sees JAMAL KHALED, the host of the party and owner of the chateau.

MOUNTAINS, NEAR GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - NIGHT The snow covered Alps stand out clearly in the light of a full moon. He looks ultrasharp in his black tux with the white silk cummerbund and his hair slicked back. He is fat and animated, greeting guests with a flourish.

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Tuxedoes men escort their diamond-encrusted ladies through the huge front doors, where they doff their overcoats and are politely scanned with hand-held metal detectors by white gloved security staffers. They are parked on a winding mountain road a half-mile from the chateau, whose lights are visible through the trees. Harry strolls amiably among the glittering woman, the cigar smoking men, casually snagging a glass of champagne and a canape from the passing waiters. He * crosses quickly to a window and opens it onto a terrace. BALCONIES - NIGHT * Harry goes onto the terrace, and in a display of acrobatic * prowess, he pulls himself up onto the third floor balcony * directly above. KHALED'S OFFICE - NIGHT * Khaled's office is ornately furnished. VAN - NIGHT Gib and Faisil watch as their monitor screen lights with DATA from Khaled's private computer.

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There is an opening, to a kind of waterway or canal, which connects to the private docks inside the grounds. The bars disappear down into the thin ice of early winter. Lit now only from the floodlights filtering down through the ice, the figure slips through the bars and swims powerfully along the stone canal wall. Harry floats with just his eyes above the surface, silent as a water snake, as a guard passes on a footpath nearby. The eerie green image lurches as he sweeps the grounds, locating the boathouse. BOATHOUSE - NIGHT Concealed in the shadows, Harry is shucking out of his drysuit. Harry crosses to an immense desk and boots up the computer there.

With the house visible BG, we CRANE DOWN below the parapet wall along which a guard is a white exposure-suit is walking... Seem from below, the figure is a black shadow moving against the rippled-glass of the ice above. CANAL AND BOATHOUSE - NIGHT A dock extends into the frozen canal, just behind a large boathouse. The ice breaks quietly, and the pieces are slid back. The DIVER slips the regulator out of his mouth and turns slowly, scanning... After a few beats Harry slips out of his tanks and fins, letting them sink, and climbs the frozen ladder onto the dock. SURVEILLANCE VAN, MOUNTAIN ROAD - NIGHT Meet Harry's partner, ALBERT "GIB" GIBSON, an overweight twenty- year-man with a lived in looking face. Underneath is he is wearing black tux pants, suspenders, cummerbund and a formal shirt. Bathed in the glow from the screen, he pulls a FLAT BOX, about the size of a paperback, from the back of his cummerbund.

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