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Plus, get free 411 calls and over 20 essential business calling features including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Business Continuity Forwarding, Rollover Hunting, Find Me and Enhanced Voicemail. Rollover Hunting Rollover Hunting is a feature that is managed by the Account Manager or Phone Manager.

You can configure multiple hunt groups and the number of rings before the call is routed to the next li ne.

Add as many different City Free numbers as you wish so your friends in Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver can all call you for FREE.

City Free phone numbers are available in over Give friends and family your own personal toll free number.

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When someone calls this number we forward those calls to any phone number, such as your home, office or mobile phone.Calls will be routed to the first idle line starting with the line directly after the line on which the last call was completed.The hunt will then follow the order (sequence) of the lines in the group.There's no reason why you should pay a fortune for a home phone line.Try our Basic plan and enjoy unlimited local calls at the lowest rates available.Contact us today to learn how Walden’s online degree programs can help you reach your goals.


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