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There are various ways using which you can navigate back to the previous page.

To keep the example short and simple, I will be using two pages and a few buttons to demonstrate the navigation.

At the beginning of 2015, we started building another product, the Infinit Storage Platform — a sort of Dropbox for enterprise applications.So let us get started: URLReferrer gets the URL of the previous page that linked to the current URL. Url Referrer to populate the prev Page variable with its value. Well this is used to cancel the submit behaviour that occurs on the button click.To use this property, declare a static variable called ‘prev Page’ in Page2 Then on the button1 click event, use this variable to go back to the previous page as demonstrated below : Note : Notice the ‘return false’ snippet used in the Button2. Since the Click event precedes over the other events, we need to return false to cancel the submit and go back to the previous page.Some of these sites are free, others are to be paid for.Both version are very popular and generate a lot of web traffic on a daily basis.A huge thank you to everyone who has used our apps; for your support, feedback and reviews.


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