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Keep in mind that she pulls down more than most corporate attorneys (who also represent a large portion of her clientele). At some early point in the evening though, you’re going to have to find her cell phone in her purse and steal the battery out of it, because that thing will ring incessantly and she will eventually find something or someone better to do.All of those "guy friends" started out just like you, chief. They saw the Promised Titty Land and thought they could get there, too. Once they tired of the bullshit and drama, or she found someone else, they were relegated to "friends." They could’ve bought a fucking sailboat with all the money they blew on young Cinnamon, and now they hang on to some last vestige of hope, thinking that she may just get drunk enough some night and let them put their spit on the slit. I don't remember who first showed me the Instagram account of the Slut Whisperer, Kirill Bichutsky, but I remember the video. A post shared by KIRILL WAS HERE (@slutwhisperer) on How, you wonder, does someone turn into "the Slut Whisperer"?

And in a way, that's what the American dream has become: getting paid to do whatever the hell you want. Bichutsky is one of the stars of Showtime's new docu-series The show also gives a small peek into Bichutsky's relationship with his girlfriend, Lauren. A post shared by KIRILL WAS HERE (@slutwhisperer) on For the (many) who disagree, Bichutsky wants you to leave him alone to champagne-facial in peace. "He has a point—though it only takes seeing the tens of thousands of likes and comments on his social feeds to make you wonder, wincingly, if Love him, loathe him, follow him, be deeply disturbed by a world in which he can succeed—sure. Princess syndrome is a mental disease that’s effecting millions of females worldwide, females that have princess syndrome are usually dumb, slutty, attention whore seeking wanna-be princesses.Although this mental disease is known worldwide, one could put up a very good argument that it started in America due to the lameness of the media.This generation is radically rethinking straight sex and marriage, but at what cost?In Part One of a two-part series, Rolling Stone goes under the covers in search of new approaches to intimacy, commitment and hooking up. Called her up and chatted about this and that and had a nice little conversation with her, huh? " And you, still gripping on to that glimmer of hope for some pussy, will say yes and you’ll spend the next three hours in a simmering rage while you quaff watered-down Bud Light drafts, because she’s the most popular girl in the bar and every person with a penis in there is looking to hop on the Stripper Wagon that is blazing through Stripperville at a very unsafe speed.


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