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" and initially functions as an trickster antagonist, forcing Finn and Jake from their home.However, as the series progresses, Marceline becomes a close friend to Finn and Jake.Olivia Olson (the voice of Marceline) who made the claim that the two had dated obtained this information after supposedly asking Penndleton Ward, the creator of the show, if they had dated based on fan art that she saw.She says he confirmed they dated in the past, but obviously Penn has been silent on the matter.I believe her and her father Martin Olson who voices Marceline's dad Hunson Abadeer are making another book that supposedly hints at the two's past relationship- which is what the initial question was about.Whether or not this is a ploy to sell more copies of the book, it is well known that a lot of the storyboarders and storyboard revisionists make frequent fanart of the couple and consider them a "ship".Marceline is a fun-loving 1,000-year-old vampire queen.

AND the animatic preview aired on October 11, which is National Coming Out Day so a questionable hint at Marceline’s sexuality on a day celebrating the LGBT community…2) Cartoon There’s this one game on Cartoon Network’s official site in which Finn and Jake dress up as a princess in order to rescue other princesses from the ice king.And then I almost threw my computer out the window.Seeing negative comments about Bubbline gets me pumped to express why I think it’s legit I’ve also seen some off-on again hate in the tags which is getting extremely annoying So here is what I believe to be more examples of subtext, and why I think they could be lesbians/bisexual/ whatever they want because labels aren’t particularly necessary1) Hints at Marceline’s sexuality I Remember You Okay so does anyone remember when the animatic preview of I Remember You aired a few days before the full episode?Marceline and Bonnibel had been dating from the time they were sixteen, through high school married by eighteen and married four years but the year they turn twenty-two things fall apart.Marceline and Bonnibel face problems they didn't wish too are constantly fighting and the center of it all? Fionna, only four, wonders what remains of their small family. Marceline is a rookie cop at the Trinity City Police Department.Marceline heads towards the Candy Kingdom to get a certain princess away from work, but what she finds is the beginning of Patience's elemental spell working its magic.


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