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I have a black lace push-up bra left over from my days as a mistress.

I was in my early 30s then, and fed up with relationships, fed up with falling for men who, the moment they noticed that I was sweet on them, would ask me to please stop liking them so much because it was making them feel claustrophobic.

Oprah Winfrey received an email from a woman, married to a man for twenty-five years, who confessed to having a lesbian affair which lasted nearly three years.

HOTOS: Oprah Through The Years Watts was also having an affair with another woman (Judy Colteryahn) at the same time.Dating a married man who lived 3,000 miles away was different.To him, I represented the opposite of claustrophobia. To me, he was a kind of pause button in a dismal romantic life, and if I hadn't been feeling like such a misfit at dating I probably never would have gotten involved. It never felt right—I worried more about his wife than he seemed to—and it was a relief to put an end to it when I met Sam (not his real name), the man who became my husband 12 years ago.But an affair only briefly obscures the dark grief every spouse surely feels over the dwindling of marital love, while doing nothing to address what went amiss.I knew all that, and I also knew (from People magazine if not from experience) that an affair can destroy a marriage.But because she and Stedman have something very special, and getting married would screw it all up. No matter how you cut it, being a wife means something, as Oprah herself says, and it’s not for her.


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