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I am a flirty and fun guy, so I use the subject line to convey that. I have a shaved head, so I like to tell girls “You have very pretty hair. If I want to keep it extra playful, and the girl has sunglasses on, or is wearing a hat, or something in the photo that stands out, I will tell them that they must give it to me. I think you must give them to me.” is good to use in place of asking a basic question, or a long with it. If you tell them you want to meet for drinks and to have some fun, they may take this as drinks and sex. Feel free to mix and match phrases and see what works best for you.Show them that you have some character, and are not just copy and pasting the “You are so beautiful” or “Will you have sex with me? Be careful not to get too elaborate or clever though, as many girls will not understand them. Most girls will understand that you are being playful, and even if she doesn’t, you said nothing to offend. I like your hair.” Hair and smile are generally the features I focus on. So basically, 1-3 additional sentences in the message body consisting of some combination of a playful joke and/or one to two basic questions. If you have any questions/comments drop them in the comments box below and I’ll be sure to answer them as best I can. The online dating industry is showing no signs of slowing down.According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2015, 15% of U. adults have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps and nearly half of the public knows someone who uses online dating or who has met a spouse or partner this way.First impressions are even more important in online dating than they are in a face to face encounter. Don’t try to be too funny, too clever or fit too much into the subject line. These girls are getting lots of messages and many have limited English skills.If your photo is bad, and your subject line off, a girl will simply skip your message all together. Depending on the girls level of English, it may go over her head, or be taken the wrong way. A long message will just confuse them or come off as if you are trying too hard.Attractive girls receive even more attention online than in person, so you have to make your message count. There are two main strategies I like to use for my subject lines. I like to give the girls something simple to answer in my messages to get the conversation moving.Subject Lines: For the subject line on Thai Love Links (note there is no subject line for Thai Friendly, so I just use the first line of my message as my subject line) I like to keep it short and sweet. I either like to go with a humorous/flirty subject line, or a more direct subject line. Humorous subject lines are good to grab attention, and show the girl some of your personality. I say something nice about them, while also complimenting myself in a joking/playful manner. I like to throw in some Thai and use “Phom suay maak! ;)” This gets very good responses and sets the playful tone for the conversation. Play with the suggestions above and see what works and feels comfortable for you. It can be anything from their name, to where/what they study, where they live, etc. I have found from experience that many Thai girls with less than stellar English abilities view this as meaning sex. Something short and sweet to get them to open the message is your best bet. Don’t say anything too sexual early on unless you are only looking for a quick one night stand with a less than “proper” Thai girl. My message strategy for success all laid out for you.

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She filled out a questionnaire and carefully crafted her profile.

It would have been easy to burnish the truth, but she presented herself honestly, from her age (57) and hobbies ("dancing, rock collecting") to her financial status ("self sufficient").

Ok gentlemen, in this installment of Thai Online Dating 101, we are going to tackle how you should be writing your subject lines and messages. Messages: For your actual message body, I stick to the same guidelines as above. After the subject line, I only do 1-3 more sentences.

This, a long with your profile photo, is going to forge your first impression. Long and drawn out messages are detrimental in my opinion.


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