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“I've been to a few events like this in my life but never one with my mother.

So it's lovely." Mrs Cameron campaigned to save the children’s centre where she used to volunteer after it was forced to close after a spending review under the former Prime Minister.

During a later renovation, its facade was covered with bricks. Students still talk of “a presence” in the auditorium, one that is to blame for a long list of strange occurrences, from flickering lights and noises that cannot be explained to objects that appear to move on their own.

Some claim to have seen her pacing the balcony or heard her footsteps behind them, only to find no one there.

Here are just a few ways I keep my dating game on point and make sure every date doesn’t feel like the last one.

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(This never happened.) Thinning the herd can also mean dumping the rugby-playing med student because he was super available and attentive.Go to a new restaurant that just opened, try an oldie that you haven’t had the opportunity to experience or let your date choose so you can get a sense of who they are and what they like.This will make sure that each date feels different because each date is at a different location.David Cameron’s mother jokingly paid tribute to Jeremy Corbyn when she scooped an award having been invoked in a jibe at the Labour leader to smarten up his appearance.Mary Cameron, 82, was crowned Mother Knows Best of the Year at the Oldie awards after for her 10,000-strong petition opposing her local Tory council shutting a children’s centre in Oxfordshire.He told The Daily Telegraph: “I'm incredibly proud of my mother. She really imbued in me this idea of public service.


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