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Just enter your age, current location and sexual preferences and our system will tell you which of our 3 million active members are listed within sniffing distance.This site caters for both single and married adults looking to hook up with someone fresh and new for a discreet adult encounter. Did he manage to keep the charger with him in the crash? But that means that he did have a passport and did get to America from the Himalayas. In Episode 6, Madame Gao uses some sort of power to throw Danny across the room, but then they just sort of capture her in China, somehow fly her all the way back to New York City, and drug her. The Hand have a lab in China producing their heroin, but they smuggled a chemist to New York? Why are the guards at Madame Gao’s factory in China only using swords? Oh, then we learn The Hand is a Fight Club-like secret society that takes at-risk teens, trains them in martial arts, and then gets them jobs in different sectors of society? Why doesn’t Claire Temple call Daredevil at any point? Why does Claire agree to go to China with two literal strangers? Claire knows — at this point — three other superheroes and decides not to talk to any of them before going to China with two people she barely met to fight a ninja army.32. How does Claire know how to fight after a couple classes with Colleen? Why does Davos — who has never been to Earth before, apparently — come to New York City looking totally normal and WEARING SHOES? Davos takes aluminum foil, turns it into incredibly sharp shuriken, and then never uses that power again.43. Oh, also, not a single member of the cast could fight except for Lewis Tan's drunken master character and sometimes Colleen. No matter how long he's lived in an alternate dimension adjacent to the Himalayan mountains, why would he go up to Colleen Wing — a stranger — and just start speaking Mandarin? Danny walks into what is clearly a karate studio and tells the owner of it to hire him to teach kung fu there. When Danny is in the psychiatric hospital he tells the doctor that the “John Anderson” passport he used to get to the US is fake. We spend several episodes watching Danny rescue a woman named Sabine, who then literally never comes back again.29. His chi gets clouded when he’s upset, but the biggest Iron Fist attack we see is in the last episode when he’s very upset, trying to save Colleen.40.

If you enjoy the swinger lifestyle you will be pleased to hear that we have an abundance of adult contacts seeking other open minded couples to join up with them for some wife swapping fun. Danny breaks into a house, realizes it’s not his house, but Joy Meachum’s, and then just tells her he broke into her house like, “lol my bad.”6.Danny gets attacked by a patient dressed up like a doctor when he first gets committed — which, I'm sorry, what? Which means no member of his incredibly famous family ever gave a DNA sample or had any medical records ever taken? If Danny doesn’t care about material possessions why does he even want the company in the first place? The Meachums try to burn his medical records, starting an incredibly suspicious fire that destroys hundreds of people’s records and almost kills a woman and no one brings that up ever again as maybe being a weird thing to have happened.14. Because right before The Hand shows up to punish him for leaving his penthouse, he’s seen fighting with a personal trainer. The Hand is depicted as an army of vaguely Yakuza-like ninjas digging a giant hole in the second season of Daredevil, but now we learn they’re also mercenaries making heroin in China? Madame Gao is captured again, by Bakuto, and left to die in a locked room. So how is the board able to hold an emergency meeting and decide to oust Joy, Ward, and Danny? Also, majority shareholders can’t usually just unilaterally decide what companies do.45. Why is a guy who doesn’t really work at a company and who doesn’t care about wealth doing a bunch of PR photoshoots? How is it that Harold Meachum just strolls into work one day after BEING DEAD FOR 15 YEARS and everyone’s like, sure, yeah, you work here now.47. No one at the Department of Justice is like, “What the fuck is happening over there? Are you telling me no one in 15 years has noticed a whole empty floor? Danny keeps telling people not to use a cell phone because The Hand can track it but is seen using a cell phone pretty much throughout the whole show.53. And lastly, this isn’t so much a question, but over the course of ONE SEASON, Ward is a bad guy and then becomes a good guy, Harold is a bad guy who is then revealed to be a good guy who is then revealed to be a bad guy, Joy is a bad guy who is revealed to be a good guy who then becomes a bad guy, Colleen is a good guy who is revealed to be working with the bad guys, then is revealed to actually be a good guy, and Davos is Danny’s best friend who then decides to kill him. The site is constantly updated with new, exclusive movies that are sure to get you off and cumming back for more!Horny mature guys getting it on with cute younger studs!Welcome to Schoolboy - The #1 intergenerational gay site on the Internet!


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