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Recently he was invited by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to become an arbitrator and is in the process of completing their requirements.

Germans are cultured people, and locals respect me too much to hurt me." It took Naum and his family about a month to get to Saratov, and eventually they made it to Kazakhstan.

This talk I am about to give is made from my memory after a long time of personal research and lectures.

I got the basic knowledge for this talk about the East from my Seminary education in Archdiocesan Seminary in Bialystok during 1985-1991.

Naum's grandfather thought "especially" meant the danger for the family of having among its members a Communist and Red Army draftee.

It was decided that Naum, his mother, and his sisters should try to get a horse and a wagon and leave Kherson, while his grandparents would stay to keep an eye on the house.


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