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“It’s completely acceptable to sneak in the sexual as long as it is shrouded in humor,” says Masters. Sloppy Drunk Messages The only thing worse than the head-slamming hangover resulting from your Saturday night blackout is the pang of horror that hits you when recollecting the texts you sent the night before.

Seducing women is demanding & tough and you can never be sure of the result your effort will yield.

You may think the woman is interested but then when you are about to go for the kill, she might just change her mind and take off. If you want to avoid this awkwardness & embarrassment, you have got to play your cards right.

You have got to seduce her such that she simply cannot refuse.

“Send me a pic,” and “What ru wearing” sound juvenile and pervy.

That doesn’t mean she’s not willing to get a bit frisky.

With the right suave moves, you’ll end up with a woman’s legs wrapped around you. Playing the Horndog Yes, we know the 8-megapixel camera on the i Phone 5 may make her photos to you feel like your own personal Playboy, but overly sexual demands are a quick way to turn her from hot to cold.

Yet despite the complete absence of visual cues, they are able correctly sense the ‘message' passed on by their invisible partner.

It’s given us robot doctors, bionic eyes, and self driving cars. (You know, in case you misplaced your first one.) But what about good looks?

There's a critical difference between in the cognitive structure of the men and women.

Men as you guys must be aware are visual creatures – we are greatly influenced by visual cues.


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