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For example, if you regularly post your email address in comments on websites, or anywhere that could be published publicly on the internet, spammers will harvest email addresses from those pages and start sending them spam.

Perhaps you’ve been a little bit more circumspect about how you publish or when you publish your own email address.

Do you get too many newsletters and other promotional emails?

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If it doesn’t look like spam it’s probably not spam, though emails that don’t look like spam can still sometimes be used as probes to see if an email address might be valid.Feel free to re-scan the url using the scan box above.We use various well known link scanning services to check websites for malware and phishing.Movies was highlighted, so I immediately thought this is not correct. He didn't had his uniform on and he was holding a glass of wine.He tried to contact me via the phone (skype) but didn't succeed. Shirley (USA) Report N9 (added on August, 7, 2013) I was contacted by this gentleman through Yahoo date line and conversed with him on Yahoo IM, May/Jun 2013.and wants him back in the states to be here when he gets out of army...


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