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"Within the Mother-Centered Matrix, balance between feminine and masculine principles is sought from the physical and material to the spiritual planes.

Mother-centered literally means mother-led societal and cultural constructs" (Dove, 2002, p. This mother-centered balance is indigenous to African cultures and embodied in the female Maat divinity, "an interrelated order of rightness, including the divine, natural and social" (Karenga 2004, 7).

The seal matrix has oval face which tapers inwards to a narrowly conical handle and terminates in a circular loop.A "mother-centered matrix" predominated many precolonial African societies.Nah Dove (2002) builds from the work of Cheikh Anta Diop to detail the presence of a "mother-centered matrix" dating back to ancient Kemet (modern day Egypt).For examples, images embedded inside PDF may not be cleaned!If you really want to be anonymous, use formats that do not contain any metadata, or better: use plain-text.Anthony to overtly question her commitment to the movement (Giddings, 2009, p. The conflict that arose between Wells and Anthony illuminates the oft contrasting views of Black motherhood between Black communities and White society.


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