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Now Vanja - who has short hair and a small beard - chooses the men’s room simply because “it’s less likely that people will call me out”.

Officially, however, Vanja is registered in Germany as a woman - and Vanja says there needs to be another solution.

This took place by presenting an open letter authored by Viloria and sent on behalf of signing participants at the Forum to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay.

The third forum was held in Malta with 34 people representing 30 organisations "from all continents".

They fought for medical care that treated femaleness as normal, not aberrant: contraception, abortion, maternity choices that we made for ourselves rather than having them made for us by white-coated men who’d sooner whip us into stirrups than listen to us face-to-face.

The BMA advice is just another manifestation of the old bind.

This guide provides general background resources as well as resources that discuss the specific challenges for affected individuals, parents/caregivers, and healthcare professionals. After that, take a look at the other boxes on this page that provide further information on specific issues related to DSD conditions, such as healthcare at different life stages, quality of life, hormone replacement, psychosocial issues, etc. He has worked with transgender patients in both primary care and specialty settings.

The story behind that disparity is one of outright misogyny: female medics face sexual harassment, intrusive questions about their family plans, and plain old dismissiveness from their male seniors. Through long history, women have been told that our (intermittently) bleeding, (potentially) breeding, (occasionally) milk-leaking bodies make us less than men: less rational, less intelligent, less under the law.

No wonder women get tired of flattening their faces against the glass ceiling. So feminists argued, against a millennia of derision, that being female was not an inferior condition.

The Forum agreed on the demands aiming to end discrimination against intersex people and to ensure the right of bodily integrity and self determination: Spokespeople for the first forum were Sally Gross of Intersex South Africa, Hiker Chiu of Oii-Chinese, Gina Wilson of Organisation Intersex International Australia, Del La Grace Volcano, Mauro Cabral and Jim Ambrose, alongside ILGA and ILGA-Europe representatives Ruth Baldacchino and Silvan Agius.

The participants made a series of "demands aiming to end discrimination against intersex people and to ensure the right of bodily autonomy and self-determination", including ending infanticide, terminations of intersex fetuses, ending "normalising" surgeries and providing human and citizenship rights: of Organisation Intersex International and OII-USA, called for the inclusion of intersex people in UN human rights.


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