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This post is because I am part of the awesome Netflix stream team, but all guilty pleasures are my own. Thanks to Netflix I am addicted to Lifetime Movies. Through doing my “research” for this post, I found 8 guilty pleasure Lifetime Movies streaming on Netflix.

There are so many awesome Lifetime Movies on Netflix now, and when there is nothing better to do on a cold Minnesota day I sit under a snuggly blanket with a glass of wine and stream all day. You know, those movies that you know you probably shouldn’t like, but can’t get enough of. Most of them are actually pretty tasty movies that make you oh so glad that your life isn’t a Lifetime Movie. Then check out William and Kate on Netflix" srcset="https://i0com/

With almost 200 movies to choose from, it was tough to pick, but here are our top 10 favorites:[youtube]Original air date: Jan.

23, 2010Stars: Thora Birch, Madisen Beaty, David Clayton Rogers IMDb description: "Inspired by the true story of teenagers at Gloucester (Mass.) High School who agreed to get pregnant at the same time."Why we love it: Just like with Original air date: Sept.

"Why we love it: Laurel (Spelling) just to be a psychopath who killed his ex and scams credit cards. To make it even better, the incredibly ironic twists, wonderfully dramatic music and over-the-top acting all make for an unintentionally hilarious film.

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Today I am sharing with you my Top Ten Favorite Lifetime Original Movies with a surprise giveaway at the end!Many teens do not report it because they are afraid to tell friends and family. Youth who experience dating violence are more likely to experience the following: Communicating with your partner, managing uncomfortable emotions like anger and jealousy, and treating others with respect are a few ways to keep relationships healthy and nonviolent.A 2011 CDC nationwide survey found that 23% of females and 14% of males who ever experienced rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, first experienced some form of partner violence between 11 and 17 years of age. Teens receive messages about how to behave in relationships from peers, adults in their lives, and the media. Risks of having unhealthy relationships increase for teens who — Dating violence can be prevented when teens, families, organizations, and communities work together to implement effective prevention strategies.I was lucky (anti-social) enough to catch and enjoyed the mix of romance , suspense, and the supernatural.I still have to watch the other two but surely I won’t be disappointed.Unhealthy relationships can start early and last a lifetime.


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