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provides a class for grant applications to NIH, the National Institutes of Health, a US government agency.

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Keen to explore Oasis for myself, but with my single days behind me, I roped in my friend Magda.However, the circle is misaligned vertically with the number, and look a bit sloppy: Any suggestions how can I adjust the vertical alignment so that the numbers look more centered w.r.t to the circles?Or, if that's not an option, what other ways to achieve the same results are possible?As per tradition, this answer will be community wiki and will summarize and compare all suggested solutions.\documentclass \usepackage % picture \usepackage % tikz \usepackage % ding % Picture solution \newsavebox\CBox \newlength\CLength \def\numcircledpict#1 % Tik Z solution \newcommand*\numcircledtikz[1] % Modified \textcircled solution \newcommand*\numcircledmod[1] \begin \begin Original & Lorem \textcircled ipsum \textcircled dolor \ Modified & Lorem \numcircledmod ipsum \numcircledmod dolor\ Tik Z & Lorem \numcircledtikz ipsum \numcircledtikz dolor\ Picture & Lorem \numcircledpict ipsum \numcircledpict dolor\ Ding serif & Lorem \ding ipsum \ding dolor\ Ding sans & Lorem \ding ipsum \ding dolor\ \end \end , the maximum is a 0.5pt raise, which gets the circle back to its original position, which is not flush with the text, though.Kile is a user-friendly Te X/La Te X editor by KDE.


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