Josh flagg and colton thorn dating

It all starts with the black and white." Hildebrand adds he recently refinanced and reappraised the 1,900-square-foot property and says he would be able to sell for about what he paid for it -- which, given the market downturn following his purchase, makes it a good buy.

And "it is still a good investment, even during the worst of the market, because I can always rent it out for more than my mortgage and taxes and have a positive cash flow," says Hildebrand, who did rent it out for a couple years before moving back in late last year.

But he has a good reason for renting at the moment: "I actually used to flip homes, so I flipped out of my last house and we moved into this one because we're looking to buy. He says the property is a "teardown" but touts the "beautiful view" and tells that he plans to build a 7,500-square-foot modern house with an infinity pool.Just before his graduation, Josh registered to become a real estate agent at just the age of 18.Coming out as gay in early 2011, Josh has been dating interior designer Colton Thorn since 2008.But then Josh dishes out the big news, saying: “Aside from that, Bobby and I are very happy together…and I think that I’m going to propose to him.” There’s a moment of stunned silence, before James says: “What, really?” He adds: “I was having coffee with you six weeks ago and you were just dating, now and now you’re going to propose? ” Josh’s dad Michael is totally dead-pan as he says: “I’m sort of speechless right now. ” Josh says: “No, she doesn’t know yet.” James adds: “You were with Colton eight years and you never proposed, and now six months?But while Madison Hildebrand started as quasi-straight and eventually discovered his sexuality in about 90 seconds of thinly developed narrative, Josh Flagg’s dating life has never been a part of the show, although his Judaism and other aspects of his personal life have been included.


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