Is anthony kiedis dating anyone

In an age where shows like SNL can't seem to find any funny black women to cast, it's awesome to have someone like Jessica around to prove them wrong. This woman--named after the original Amelia Earhart--decided to recreate the infamous 1937 transcontinental flight that her namesake never finished.

If you watch The Daily Show, you'll know and--if you know what's good for you--love Jessica Williams.

Unfortunately, Gahan set an impossible standard — few sad lads had his dreamboat visage and none could cocoon their gloom in the Amazing Monocolor Dream Coat of Depeche Mode's synths. " to make you jump up from your barstool and drag your crush onto the dance floor.

This depressing realization likely drove Gahan's fanboys to listen to more Depeche Mode, thus perpetuating the vicious, sexy cycle. His voice can alternately sound moody, weary and dreamlike ("Sunny Afternoon"), or decisive, charismatic and sunny ("You Really Got Me").

Often, the song’s meaning eludes us, but other times, we get what the songwriter was trying to say . Lyric writer Robert Plant described the origins of the lyrics: I was holding a pencil and paper, and for some reason I was in a very bad mood.

Here are 10 songs that we thought we understood but were wrong.


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