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The researchers then tracked the respondents’ health over the next seven years.

A British study of 6,500 older adults finds that social isolation, even more than loneliness, may increase an older person’s risk of early death. The researchers at University College London knew from previous studies that both isolation and loneliness raised a person’s risk of death.In Microsoft Windows, use the Disk Cleanup function. Periodically empty your “trash” or “recycle bin.” 3. Among the most popular is PC Tools by the makers of Norton Anti Virus.A one-year subscription will run you just about for three computers.Not all of these have a ligplaats/mooring included. Get an idea of prices in Amsterdam, or download their useful app that offers all the information you need for navigating Amsterdam's canals.boat boss, usa and worldwide Navionics - "The Windows Store only offers apps for windows devices running OS 8.1.Navionics Apps were developed to run on Windows Tablets and PCs running the same version.


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