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“[My project focuses] on the fourth function: sex, which is left unspoken and undiscussed in the textbook of dentistry.”Ku’s project explores the interrelations of sex, technology, humanity, and society during the pursuit of physical pleasure.We already use non-prosthetic body modifications to make us more attractive, either to ourselves or others–tattoos, pierced ears, lipstick.

Westwood went on to open four shops in London, eventually expanding throughout the United Kingdom and the world, selling an increasingly varied range of merchandise, some of it linked to her many political causes such as the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, climate change and civil rights groups.The balls gained a reputation for debauchery, with one newspaper calling them the scene of "Unbridled lust among upper-class Lolitas and public school Lotharios." Davenport was found to have understated his tax returns by £24,672 by falsely claiming that only £3.50 of the £14 entry fees for the Gatecrasher Balls was liable for VAT; the remaining £10.50 was supposedly for raffle tickets, a magazine subscription and postage.The prosecution described this as a "cheat" and Davenport admitted breaching VAT rules.came to prominence in the late 1980s as the organiser of the controversial Gatecrasher Balls for wealthy teenagers.After being convicted of tax offences in 1990, he started on a second career as a property developer.There's even a loo tour showing you how to find the best free toilets in London, so no topic is too niche...


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