Django imagefield not validating

For example, Django makes this data available as an attribute of the Uploaded File object.

And another, similar to python-magic is available directly in the latest libmagic sources, and it is the one you probably have in your linux distribution.

I am guessing you refer to @toivotuo's -qf /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/-i URL : Summary : Python bindings for the libmagic API rpm -qf /usr/bin/file -i Name : file URL : python-magic from and which comes with Linux Fedora works like @toivotuo's said. The mimetypes module in the standard library will determine/guess the MIME type from a file extension.

If users are uploading files the HTTP post will contain the MIME type of the file alongside the data.

So you need the trailing comma on a single element when specifying the list of fields if you specify it as a tuple.

Is there a neat python library for finding this information?

A Web Service or (even better) a downloadable database? please note, that "above" is a difficult concept in stackoverflow, since the ordering is grouped by votes and ordered randomly inside the groups.

FILES['room_4_view']) extra_data_context.update() else: form = Findme Form() extra_data_context.update() extra_data_context.update() return render_to_response('postme.html',extra_data_context,context_instance=Request Context(request)) It appears that you have code that expects the key to be in the form during form submission. FILES for the presence of the keys, or iterate over the keys themselves.

I am trying to get my app to validate the image upload field in my app's template and save any new image that is uploaded.


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