Datingsuccesscoaching com

I work with you and offer tips to help you feel more confident as you head out there into the world of singles.

It can be intimidating on your own, but with me as your moral supporter and dating coach, youll be ready and rarin to go!

Singles come to me all the time with questions about why someone they were e-mailing online disappeared or why a prospect at a first meeting didnt seem interested in getting together again.

Since I met my husband online and wrote a how-to book on the topicwith tons of proven tips and techniques to make your online dating experience more productive and more fun I can offer expert advice on using this fabulous tool to best advantage: I dated online for 14 months on 8 different websites and had more than 50 first meetingsso I can teach you all I learned about how to attract high-quality people using the speed and convenience of the Internet.

And when you feel positive, you attract positive people and dating experiences into your life!

I was trained at the Institute for Life Coach Training and have been coaching since 2001both as a life coach and dating coach.

So I understand the challenges AND the opportunitiesthat exist in the singles world.

I know where youre coming from and what youre up against.


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